CEEJS Software Capabilities Statement



CEEJS Software is an 8(a) BD certified small business that specializes in Information Technology and is owned by a Service-Connected Disabled Vietnam Veteran. CEEJS Software's customer base consists of Federal and State Government Agencies as well as commercial businesses. The Company is unique among 8(a) companies in that it is also a Microsoft Certified Partner. This affords CEEJS Software the capability of drawing upon the skills of hundreds of Microsoft's scientists and researchers who are at the forefront of information science. 

Members of the Development staff hold degrees in computer science and mathematics.



CEEJS Software's Information Technology (IT) Development Team specializes in the design, development, maintenance and support of software applications utilized in the analysis and visualization of complex technical data.  We have the capabilities and expertise to meet complex software application development requirements for a wide range of clients.

Throughout the application design and development process, we adhere to the Carnegie-Mellon Engineering Institute's Software Capability Maturity Model (SW-CMM) of processes and procedures to ensure a quality end product. 

Our development environments include Microsoft Visual Studio and Borland's Delphi application, as well as the latest in web application development.  CEEJS Software applications are developed and tested using the latest hardware technologies across multiple operating system platforms.

CEEJS Software's development staff has expertise in a broad array of engineering disciplines to include:

-        Visual applications development

-        DBMS development including SQL Server

-        modeling and simulation

-        Infrastructure management

-        Web site development

-        Legacy systems maintenance developed in dBase, Pascal, COBOL, FORTRAN, PL1 and Assembly languages

The continuous introduction of faster and better technology and the accelerated deployment of distributed computer supporting mission critical business applications require a structured approach to technology upgrade.  Our customers need experienced developers that can support the implementation of new technologies as well as the maintenance of existing computing systems.



CEEJS Software offers life cycle management, system integration and software development.



CEEJS Software's technical staff assists organizations in evaluating existing computer resources and identifying needs through a formal requirement analysis process. Based on the analysis, CEEJS Software will design and develop the appropriate system with a view toward incorporating future requirements utilizing today's emerging technologies. The System Integration Team provides a unique set of skills that are focused on installation and maintenance of LAN and WAN including microcomputer, minicomputer and mainframe connections as indicated by the requirement analysis and network administration needs.



CEEJS Software's comprehensive support includes equipment acquisition, installation, configuration, and application installation, training, ongoing hardware and software support as well as a help desk and on site technical response to troubleshoot and correct hardware and software problems. We make information technology work for our customers.


Microsoft Certified Partner

CEEJS Software has been a Microsoft Certified Partner for the last four years.  Our business alliance with Microsoft provides product training to our technical staff, insuring their expertise with the new technology today.  CEEJS Software's customers will benefit from the technical knowledge we gain from Microsoft..

CEEJS Software oversees the study, design, development, deployment and management of transition technology for a wide range of IT and Networking projects. Among its many resources, CEEJS Software has Certified Novell Engineers (CNE), Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSE, MCT, MCSD), A+ Certified Technicians and others either on staff or available through subcontract arrangements.



Our approach is to completely understand the customer needs before assigning development team members.  The success of CEEJS Software is a result of listening to our client and providing the right product to solve the problem at hand. 



Each team member must understand the global project concept and agree on his/her part in the development life-cycle phase of the project.  CEEJS Software's development team has been trained in assembly, problem detection and resolution techniques. Each development team member has at least eight years experience in information technologies, at least two certifications and is a proven expert in his/her specialty.  Each team member is responsible for assembling complete modules based on the customer's specifications and is evaluated on quality and timeliness.

CEEJS Software development team has extensive experience in the Transition Technologies needed for the modernization of legacy systems in the telecommunications, data network systems and IT industries.

Past and present projects have included the following areas:

-              IT & Network Architecture Assessment, Analysis, Design and Implementation.

-              IT Strategy and Policy Development; Application Development and Management.

-              Information Assurance.

-              Software.

-              Development

-              Database Design and Management.

-              Finance Systems and Accounting Analysis/Implementation.


Web Development : HTML, XHTML, XML, DHTML, ASP, ASP.NET, ADO.NET Oracle .NET data provider, JavaScript, VBScript, Front Page, Perl, PHP, CGI programming (PERL). ActiveX, Visual Basic WebClasses, COM components - VB.

Palm Application Development : ThinkDB, PDB Databases, App Forge, PQA (Wireless applications) Development

Programming Languages : FORTRAN, COBOL, Forth, Pascal, Ada, Visual Basic .NET, VBScript, Java script, C#, Visual Basic 4.0-6.0. Visual Basic For Applications, OOP concepts, Basic knowledge of C, C++,  Pascal, 4GL, Delphi.

Database Skills  & Tools : Standard Query Language (SQL), Crystal Reports, ADO, ADO.NET DAO, OO4O, ODBC, Oracle, Oracle Development Tools, Toad, MicroSoft Access (2.0-2000), MySQL, MicroSoft SQL Server & T-SQL, Sybase, Paradox, Miscrosoft FoxPro, Informix. PostGreSQL.

Networking - Experience in Network Management and Implementation includes: systems engineering, network management integration, installation, systems administration, training and help desk support. Services include: configuration, installation, integration and testing of network backbone elements such as gateways, routers, switches, hubs, bridges, etc., as well as integration of servers and system software.



NAICS      Description of Products/Services

541511     Custom Computer Programming Services (Primary code )

                  Truck Transportation (Software)

                  Waste Collection (Software)

541512     Computer Systems Design Services

541519     Software installation services, computer



CEEJS Software adheres to ISO 9001:2000.  The delivery of quality software application products is the only evaluation.  Each member of the Quality Control team must also understand the global project concept and the technology used in the development of the project with a keen sense of what the customer requires.  Our Quality Control team is responsible for conducting failure-free burn-in tests, functional tests, system integration tests, and 100% customer satisfaction testing.


Eddie Sanford, Owner/President
Mr. Sanford was an Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department of Martin Center College in Indianapolis, IN. He attended Augusta State University in Augusta GA, where he majored in Computer Science.  See resume.